Head hair

what do vellus hairs look like?


Are they like really fine, blondish hairs?
Ive been using minox about a week and a half now and where Ive been using it I have quite a lot really small, blonde hairs... I figured this is the vellus hairs everyone talks about.
I havent started shedding either. I still lose about 5 hairs or so in the shower ... the only other thing Im using is MSM to speed hair growth. Which I must be responding really well to b/c my fingernails are growing insanely fast, you could almost watch them grow.
Is 10 days too early to notice vellus hair growth?

Yes and Yes.
What you're probably seeing is some minoxidil residue sitting on top of already existing vellus hairs - making those pre-existing hairs more visible.
Keep an eye on them though - because hopefully they're the ones that'll be getting longer and darker over time.
Good luck.

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